PVC compressed air pipe systems

PVC compressed air pipe systems

Piping designed to convey cold fluids under pressure (air, water, water plus glycol, mixtures of water/antifreeze, salt water) has to comply with certain requirements:
- withstand impacts at low temperatures
- be extremely corrosion resistant both inside and outside
- be perfectly leak proof

The GIRAIR system, initially designed to convey compressed air, is perfectly suited to these requirements.

Made out of a PVC alloy, GIRAIR piping and connections present excellent impact resistance at low temperatures. GIRAIR is ductile and even if subjected to violent impact, despite the internal pressure does not result in dangerous shards that could constitute a hazard for the operators.

The very nature of GIRAIR provides an excellent solution to corrosion problems and guarantees the quality of the fluid conveyed. Condensation phenomena arising from the circulation of a fluid colder than the ambient air have no physical nor chemical effect on GIRAIR. A low coefficient of thermal conductivity means that with GIRAIR condensation phenomena appear at lower fluid temperatures than with steel or copper.

Excellent corrosion resistance renders leaks due to deterioration of the material impossible, under normal conditions of use. GIRAIR pipes and fittings are assembled by cold chemical welding, very similar in practice to using an adhesive.

When this operation is carried out properly (see out instructions for use), the weld will remain leak proof indefinitely.

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